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All in the Wrist: Radial Artery Catheterization

This blog was contributed by Dr. Jun Chung of Cardiolovascular Specialists. Cardiac catheterization is a minimally invasive way for physicians to treat common heart problems that coronary heart disease, congenital heart defects and arrhythmias. The widely used procedure provides lower risks of bleeding, infection and pain, while giving patients a quicker recovery time. These minimally […]

Sedentary Lifestyle Puts Older Men at Risk for Heart Failure

Older men who worry about their risk for heart failure can do something about it: spend more time being active. Men who sit around and report low levels of physical activity were at a significantly higher risk for heart failure than those who were more active, according to a new study published in the journal […]

Know Limits for Black Licorice

When you pass by the Halloween candy bowl this week, federal health officials want adults 40 and older to limit the amount of black licorice they eat every day. Eat more than 2 ounces daily for two weeks and you might wind up with an irregular heart rhythm or arrhythmia. Food and Drug Administration officials […]

Make Sure You Don’t Miss A Beat

Sometimes irregular heartbeats can be triggered by caffeine consumption or stress. In fact, nearly everyone has extra heartbeats that go unnoticed. These palpitations take place in the upper chambers of the heart. However, palpitations originating from the lower chambers of the heart are a warning sign and are associated with sudden death. These are caused […]