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Strong Core, Proper Form Help Prevent Back Injuries

Summer is a popular time to take a family vacation, move to a new home and get caught up on backyard projects. Although no one adds “back injury” to their to-do list, these popular summer activities can lead to injuries. About 4 million people head to their health provider for a back injury during the […]

Electronics Overuse May Cause Orthopaedic Injuries in Kids

Parents need to monitor the amount of time their children use technology to help them avoid hand and spine problems, a group of orthopaedic surgeons recommends. Whether it’s video games, the smart phone or the laptop, children who spend too much time using today’s technology are winding up with overuse injuries, according to the American Academy […]

Caring for Newborn, Improper Lifting Puts Parents at Risk for Back Pain

New parents expect sleepless nights, crying spells and lots of laundry when they bring their baby home from the hospital. They probably should add back pain to the list, too. Fortunately, these new parents, especially mothers, can prevent the back pain that often accompanies caring for a new baby by losing pregnancy weight, strengthening muscles […]

Exercise May Help Low Back Pain During Pregnancy

Women who are pregnant and experiencing back pain may want to ask their doctor for exercise suggestions. Physical exercises before and during pregnancy can be effective in preventing and reducing low back and pelvic pain, according to a news release from the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. Hormonal changes during pregnancy can affect a woman’s […]

Safety Tips Help Prevent Back Strain, Injuries While Removing Snow

Icy roads. Traffic jams. School closings. Another round of snowfall this week in South Hampton Roads presents numerous problems for residents – including back strains from shoveling snow. A national group of orthopaedic surgeons has issued some safety tips to help prevent injuries that can occur while removing snow. More than 119,000 people were treated […]

We’ve Got Your Back: Tips for a Healthier Spine

This week is National Bone and Joint Health Awareness Week, and there’s no time like the present to take stock of your orthopedic health. 48% of the United States’ population over the age of eighteen is affected by musculoskeletal conditions — conditions of the bones and joints. Bone and joint conditions are some of the […]

Dealing With Sciatica

While many people think that sciatica is a disease, the name actually refers to a set of symptoms: pain in the lower back and buttocks, and pain, numbness or weakness in the leg or foot. These symptoms usually occur on only one side of the body. People with sciatica may also feel a tingling, “pins […]

Patient Goes from a Height of 5’1″ to 5’8″ through Miraculous Surgery

Ann Hoopes was in a desperate situation. So desperate, in fact, that no physician was willing or capable of helping her. In 1999 while in her early 40s, she was stricken with a condition that bent her spine into a 90 degree angle. Doctors were unable to diagnose the cause or find a treatment. For […]

Consider Acupuncture for Chronic Back Pain Relief

If I could invent a cure for back pain, I’d be rich. Back pain is as common as Starbucks, affecting 70% of people at some time in their lives. The bad news is: most of the time we never find a cause.  The good news is that most pain will resolve on its own in […]

No Pain, Your Gain: Treating Shoulder, Neck and Back Pain

Learn how to eliminate pain and get back on the move. If you – or someone you know – has a nagging upper body pain, the Bon Secours Orthopaedic Institute is here to answer the call. Answering your questions about joints, bones, aches and pains. Our panel of experts will address your concerns about orthopaedic […]