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Nature Walks Offer Mental Health Benefits, Study Finds

Taking a walk outdoors has long been suggested for people trying to clear their head, enjoy a breath of fresh air and combat stress. Turns out, it may actually work – really well. People who took group nature walks were linked with significantly lower depression, less perceived stress and enhanced mental health and well being, […]

Family Pets May Boost Social Skills for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

A new study is reporting what many families of autistic children already know: having a pet in the home can help improve social skills. Researchers were quick to point out that getting a family pet is not always the right thing to do. Pets require attention and can come with medical bills as well. Still, […]

Have a Happy, Healthy Heart

Here’s some news to smile about: having a “positive psychological well-being” appears to lower a person’s risk of heart attack and stroke. In the first and largest review on this subject, researchers from Harvard School of Public Health have found that optimism, happiness and being satisfied with life are associated with a lower risk for […]

Know Your HIV Status

One in five people with HIV do not know they are infected, according to a Vital Signs report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And only half of those who are aware receive ongoing medical care and treatment from their doctor. Federal health authorities urge people to be tested and receive treatment because […]