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Organic Foods – Does Buying Them Matter?

By Abby Forman, Registered Dietitian with Bon Secours In Motion Physical Therapy & Sports Performance Throughout grocery stores nationwide, people often stop in the aisles of the produce section and question whether it’s worth it to buy organic foods when they typically cost more. The answer often varies by fruit, vegetable and who will be eating them. According […]

Tips to Avoid Injuries from Wearing Heavy Backpacks

Parents and students shopping for a new school backpack this month may want to consider important safety tips to prevent back, neck and shoulder injuries. Backpacks, the preferred choice for students to carry all of their daily school necessities, help distribute the weight of the load among some of the body’s strongest muscles. However, if […]

Healthy Lifestyle May Help Prevent Low Back Pain

Low back pain can cause people to miss work, become disabled and face medical expenses. While some causes of back pain can be medically treated, such as those related to a disk problem or pressure on a spinal nerve, others may improve by making lifestyle changes. New research suggests that many people who have lower […]

Nature Walks Offer Mental Health Benefits, Study Finds

Taking a walk outdoors has long been suggested for people trying to clear their head, enjoy a breath of fresh air and combat stress. Turns out, it may actually work – really well. People who took group nature walks were linked with significantly lower depression, less perceived stress and enhanced mental health and well being, […]

Get the Facts About Physical Therapy

October is National Physical Therapy Month. Think you might be a good candidate for physical therapy? Here are some frequently asked questions about Physical Therapy and physical therapists to get you started. What is physical therapy? Physical therapy is a type of rehabilitative health care that uses exercises and equipment to help people improve or […]

Bon Secours In Motion Wins Two Best of Hampton Roads Awards

Bon Secours In Motion has received accolades from readers of two Hampton Roads publications, Hampton Roads Magazine and Tidewater Women. For the third year in a row, the readers of Hampton Roads Magazine have selected In Motion as Best of the Best Physical Therapy in Hampton Roads. In Motion has also been selected as the […]

Smaller Plate, Smaller Portions

In the past few decades, plates and bowls commonly used in homes across America have increased in size. It turns out that portions have grown, too. A study of children’s eating habits, published in the journal Pediatrics, found that kids will help themselves to more food and eat more when they use larger dishes. The […]

Exercise, Lifestyle Changes Help Obese Moms During Pregnancy

Getting consistent physical activity and making healthier lifestyle changes can prevent excessive weight gain in obese pregnant women if they begin during the first trimester, according to preliminary research. Additionally, this helped the future moms avoid preterm delivery, hypertension and gestational diabetes, a news release from the Society for Maternal Fetal Medicine states. The research […]

Does How You Eat Affect Your Attention and Attentiveness?

A well balanced diet has been shown to protect us from diseases.  But did you know that a well balanced diet can also protect the brain and affect attentiveness? There are several chemical processes that cause what you eat to be broken down into components your body uses. Food is like a medication that affects […]

Want to Keep Off the Weight? Journal It!

Dieters take note: women who keep a food journal, don’t skip meals and don’t eat out lunch at restaurants very often lose more weight than dieters who don’t follow these practices! A new study published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center tracked the dieting […]