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2018: Resolve to Improve Your Health

In 2018, I’m going to lose weight. Come January, I’m going to quit smoking. This New Year, I’m going to eat healthier. New Year’s resolutions sound great when you share them with your friends and family. If you’re really serious about making some health-related changes, it’s time to bring in an expert: your primary care […]

Early Detection, Screenings Help More People Survive Cancer

When federal health authorities happily announced earlier this year that cancer death rates have continued to decline they gave credit to three main reasons: better medical treatments, fewer people smoking and the success of cancer prevention and early detection programs. “The latest data show many cancer prevention programs are working and saving lives,” said CDC […]

Study Links Exercise with Lower Risk for 13 Types of Cancer

Exercise appears to significantly cut the risk for 13 types of cancer, including some of the hardest forms to treat, a new comprehensive study shows. The research, published by JAMA Internal Medicine, also found that it didn’t matter whether someone was overweight, obese or had a history of smoking. Everyone who exercised about 150 minutes […]

Stroke Survivors Benefit From Earlier Cancer Screenings

People who had a stroke may develop cancer at a higher rate than those who do not have a stroke, according to research presented at the American Stroke Association’s International Stroke Conference 2015. “If you’ve had a stroke before, especially with another high-risk factor, it’s important that you talk to your doctor and discuss earlier […]

Many Children Still Exposed to Secondhand Smoke, Report Finds

A new federal report shows that many Americans – especially children – are exposed to secondhand smoke despite efforts to educate the public about its health hazards. Secondhand smoke exposure in the United States has dropped by half between 1999 to 2000 and 2011 to 2012. But one in four nonsmokers — 58 million people […]

Millions of Women Missing Cervical Cancer Screenings

Despite evidence that cervical cancer screening saves lives, about eight million women ages 21 to 65 years have not been screened for cervical cancer in the past five years, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. More than half of new cervical cancer cases occur among women who have never […]

Sitting Down for Long Periods of Time Increases Cancer Risks

Diabetes. Obesity. Cardiovascular Disease. Too much time sitting down – sedentary behavior – has been linked to these diseases. Now, a new study gives Americans even more reason to get moving. Researchers found that physical inactivity also increases the risk of certain cancers: colon, endometrial and lung. Their study was published in the Journal of […]

Number of Cancer Survivors Growing, Report Predicts

The number of cancer survivors in the United States will grow from 14.5 million this year to nearly 19 million by the year 2024, according to the American Cancer Society. Although cancer rates have been decreasing for 10 years, the number of cancer survivors is growing because of the aging and growth of the population, […]

Use Exercise and Healthy Diet to Help Avoid Cancer

More than 1.6 million new cases of cancer are expected to be diagnosed this year. Nearly 600,000 people will die from cancer this year as well, according to estimates. Cancer maintains its rank as the second most common cause of death in the United States, accounting for roughly one in four deaths. It’s why scientists […]

3-D Mammography Technology Comes to Bon Secours Health Center at Harbour View

Bon Secours Health Center at Harbour View is pleased to announce the expansion of the Millie Lancaster Women’s Center to include an additional mammography room with 3-D mammography technology. 3-D mammography allows doctors to examine breast tissue one layer at a time to inspect for any abnormalities in the tissue. During a 3-D mammogram, multiple […]