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Autistic Children At Higher Risk for Bullying

A new study found that children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder are at much higher risk for being bullied than other children. The study, published in the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, found that 46 percent of 920 middle- and high-school students who have an autism disorder have been the victim of bullying. Adolescents […]

Autism Rates Climbing

A new report from the CDC shows that more children are being identified as having an autism spectrum disorder. One in 88 children in the United States falls within the spectrum, according to the report based on 2008 data from 14 communities. Autism spectrum disorders – ASDs – are nearly five times more common among […]

Autistic Children Benefit from Early Therapy

Children who have some form of autism have better success improving their social and communication skills the earlier they receive comprehensive therapy. A new study from the University of Missouri found that children who received behavioral, speech and occupational therapy had better results than those who did not have comprehensive treatment. Moreover, those who received […]

Communication Gives Cancer Patients Control

Facing a cancer diagnosis can evoke feelings of helplessness during a traumatic time. How a person chooses to talk about it – or not talk about it – can help give them a sense of control, according to researchers at The University of Texas at Austin. In interviews with cancer survivors, researchers set out to […]