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Not-so nutty advice

Nuts are a great way to add nutrition to your diet. However, they cost more than the average snack, which is why storing them properly is paramount to getting your money’s worth. Leave your nuts in the shell until you’re ready to eat them. And store sealed bags of nuts in the fridge or freezer […]

Healthy Habits Can Save Money

As health insurance premiums continue to rise for most families, many people are looking for ways to cut medical costs. A new report from the Kaiser Family Foundation shows that the average premium for a family through an employer topped $15,000 this year. Insurance professionals say consumers can save money by shopping around for a […]

Patients Need Doctor’s Advice for Prescription Costs

As more Americans find themselves struggling financially, some are trying to save money by making potentially dangerous choices with their prescriptions. A new survey from Consumer Reports found that 48 percent of people taking a prescription altered the way they were supposed to take their medicine to cut costs. Some patients delayed going to the […]