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Have a Healthy New Year: Take Advantage of Screenings

Resolve to protect your health this year by staying up to date with important health screenings and immunizations. A simple phone call to schedule an appointment with your primary health provider is the first step toward taking charge of your health. Screenings help detect illnesses and diseases early, when they’re often easier to treat. “It’s […]

Simple Steps Help Prevent Falling, Injuries

The fear of falling for older Americans is a legitimate one. Falls are the leading case of fatal and non-fatal injuries among them. Every second, every day, an older adult falls – making falls the No. 1 cause of injuries and deaths from injury among older Americans, according to the Centers for Disease Control and […]

Adequate Sleep Helps Teen Academic, Sports Performance

Parents can help their children – especially teenagers – have a successful school year by making sure they get enough sleep every night. With just a few weeks to go before public schools in Hampton Roads resume classes, sleep experts say it’s important to start adjusting bedtime schedules now. The beginning of the school year can […]

Gut Bacteria May Influence Weight, Cholesterol Levels and Heart Health

Recent studies have suggested that the bacteria living in our digestive tracts may influence a wide variety of physical and mental health conditions from depression and anxiety to rheumatoid arthritis and irritable bowel syndrome. Now, it appears these gut microbes may also affect cardiovascular health. A new study published in the American Heart Association journal […]

Older Women Should Choose Carbs Wisely to Avoid Higher Depression Risk

White bread, white rice and soda do more than add weight to your waistline. A new study found that a diet high in refined carbohydrates can also increase the risk for older women to develop depression. Here’s the good news: by eating a healthier diet with more dietary fiber, whole grains and vegetables, the risk […]

Picky Eating May Indicate Anxiety, Depression in Some Kids, Study Finds

Children who are picky eaters may not only suffer from poor nutrition but also from serious childhood issues such as depression and anxiety, a new study finds. Although many parents see picky eating as a phase, a study from Duke Medicine finds moderate and severe picky eating often coincides with depression and anxiety, which may require […]

PTSD Raises Heart Disease Risk for Women

Women who experience traumatic events or develop post-traumatic stress disorder may have a greater risk of experiencing heart disease than women with no history of traumatic. Some women face a 60 percent higher rate of cardiovascular disease, according to research recently published in the American Heart Association journal Circulation. In the first major study of […]

4 Men’s Health Tests You Should NEVER Miss

This blog was contributed by Paa-Kofi Obeng, DO, internal medicine and men’s health physician at Nansemond Suffolk Family Practice. It can be difficult to get men to the doctor when they are sick, let alone when they are healthy. But as men age, it is vital to keep an eye on their health, even if […]

Cancer Survivor’s Health Affected by Spouse’s Mental State

  The emotional health of a cancer survivor appears to be affected by their spouse’s mental state, a new study suggests. In fact, cancer survivors were four times more likely to report feeling depressed if their spouse reported feeling depressed, according to the study published in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, a journal of the […]

Healthy Lifestyle May Help Prevent Low Back Pain

Low back pain can cause people to miss work, become disabled and face medical expenses. While some causes of back pain can be medically treated, such as those related to a disk problem or pressure on a spinal nerve, others may improve by making lifestyle changes. New research suggests that many people who have lower […]