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Lose Weight Safely, Regain Your Health

Imagine losing enough weight to ditch your blood pressure medication. What if you could put your diabetes into remission? How much better would you feel every day if your blood sugar level wasn’t out of control? It’s not hard to envision these healthy changes when you talk to people who have overcome obesity at Bon […]

Poor Diet Linked to Early Death

When you’re planning meals, grocery shopping or perusing a restaurant menu, are you wondering which foods might help you live longer? It’s not such a far-fetched question when you consider the results of a recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. About half of all U.S. deaths from heart disease, stroke […]

Prevent High Blood Pressure: Get It Checked

If you haven’t had your blood pressure checked by a doctor lately, you could be one of the millions of Americans who has hypertension, but is completely unaware of it. Unlike so many other serious health problems, high blood pressure – the “silent killer” – rarely causes any symptoms. That might explain why one out […]

Prevent Food Poisoning from Raw Pet Food, Uncooked Meat

The search to give pets the healthiest diet may be putting some families at risk for food poisoning. While many pet owners say a raw food diet – primarily uncooked meat, bones and organs – is better for their animals’ health, federal health authorities say pet owners should stick to cooked pet food products. According to the […]

Learn Your Family’s Health History This Thanksgiving

A simple conversation this Thanksgiving could help you and other members of your family live healthier lives. As you gather together with relatives, take time to also gather your family’s medical history. By asking your relatives a few simple questions, you can discover if diabetes, high blood pressure and even certain cancers such as breast […]

Organic Foods – Does Buying Them Matter?

By Abby Forman, Registered Dietitian with Bon Secours In Motion Physical Therapy & Sports Performance Throughout grocery stores nationwide, people often stop in the aisles of the produce section and question whether it’s worth it to buy organic foods when they typically cost more. The answer often varies by fruit, vegetable and who will be eating them. According […]

Healthy Heart May Prevent Memory Decline

People who take care of their heart’s health may also be protecting their ability to focus and remember things as they age. To lower the risk of heart disease, the American Heart Association recommends Life’s Simple 7® – a list of goals that focus on lifestyle, diet, weight, blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose. Researchers from […]

Foods that Fight Colon Cancer

By Brittny Small, Registered Dietitian/Diabetes Educator for Bon Secours Medical Group March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month, so today we are focusing on nutrition for your gut! It’s widely known that what you eat significantly impacts your health and wellbeing.  Below, we are dishing out some healthy ways to ward off colon cancer. Boost the antioxidants-These potent substances are […]

Pregnancy Complications May Increase Risk for Heart Disease

Complications during pregnancy may signal heart disease later in life for women. Gestational high blood pressure, preeclampsia, gestational diabetes and preterm birth not only pose potential health risks to the baby and mother during pregnancy, but are also associated with an increased risk for heart disease later in life. While pregnancy complications have not been found to […]

Weight Loss Takes More Than Just Exercise, Study Shows

Exercise can only help so much when it comes to losing weight, a new study shows. People who want to lose weight should focus on what they’re eating as well as exercising regularly. Researchers say there’s a reason exercise by itself isn’t enough: the body adapts to higher activity levels. According to a new study […]