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New Food Labels Target Added Sugars, Accurate Serving Size

For those who read labels on packaged foods, some major changes are coming to make it easier for people to spot added sugars, control their portion sizes and count calories. In roughly two years, most packaged foods sold in the United States will have to use the new Nutrition Facts label, which was recently finalized […]

Eating Fruits, Vegetables During Adolescence May Lower Breast Cancer Risk

Parents of young daughters may want to keep their fridge stocked with plenty of fruits and vegetables. A new large-scale study suggests that women who eat more high-fiber foods during adolescence and young adulthood have a “significantly lower breast cancer risk” than those who eat less dietary fiber. Researchers at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public […]

Older Women Should Choose Carbs Wisely to Avoid Higher Depression Risk

White bread, white rice and soda do more than add weight to your waistline. A new study found that a diet high in refined carbohydrates can also increase the risk for older women to develop depression. Here’s the good news: by eating a healthier diet with more dietary fiber, whole grains and vegetables, the risk […]

Add More Fruits and Vegetables for Stroke Prevention

Reducing your risk of stroke may be as simple as reaching more often for fruits and vegetables. A new analysis of 20 studies conducted in Europe, Asia and the United States found that people lowered their stroke risk by 32 percent for every 200 grams of fruit they ate daily. The risk dropped by 11 […]

Proposed Food Labels Target Calories, Serving Size

Monitoring how many calories you eat in one serving and limiting added sugars in your diet may be easier if the federal government proceeds with plans to update the Nutritional Facts label for packaged foods. Health officials from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration say the goal is “to reflect the latest scientific information, including […]

Red Meat Linked to Colorectal Cancer Risk

A recent study provides “convincing evidence” that eating too much red, processed meat could raise your risk of colorectal cancer. The international research team found evidence that: Red meat, processed meat, excess body fat and fat carried around the wait increase risk of colorectal cancer Regular physical activity reduces risk of colorectal cancer Foods containing […]

High Five for High Fiber

Young and middle-aged adults can lower their risk for cardiovascular disease by eating at least 25 mg of dietary fiber every day, according to a study from Northwestern University. Researchers suggest getting fiber from whole foods such as lentils, black beans, baked sweet potatoes with the skin, peas and raspberries.