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Lose Weight to Battle Osteoarthritis, Study Suggests

Losing a substantial amount of weight can help protect knees from osteoarthritis and slow down the degeneration of knee cartilage, a new MRI study finds. Patients who lost more than 10 percent of their body weight during the study had the best results, according to lead author Alexandra Gersing, MD, from the Department of Radiology […]

Older Adults Should Seek Early Treatment for Flu, CDC Urges

People who are 65 and older should seek early treatment if they have flu symptoms. A new federal study shows that when older people are treated early with flu antiviral medications, they do not stay in the hospital as long as those who sought medical care later. In fact, it also reduces their risk of […]

Treating Poor Sleep May Be New Strategy for Fighting Alzheimer’s

Improving your sleep – especially deep sleep – may be a way to fight memory problems and dementia in older adults. Scientists have found that heavy deposits of the toxic protein, beta-amyloid, are linked to poor sleep and may be paving the way for Alzheimer’s disease. Additionally, when people have deep, restorative sleep, it helps […]

Breastfeeding Helps Keep Breast Cancer from Recurring, Study Finds

New research finds that breastfeeding has a protective effect for moms who later have breast cancer. Those who breastfed their babies had a lower risk of the cancer recurring and a lower chance of dying from the disease. According to the study, published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, women diagnosed with breast […]

Walk Away from Heart Disease, Stroke Risks

Officials from the American Heart Association are encouraging people nationwide to take at least 30 minutes out of their day to get up and walk. They’ve declared April 1 as National Walking Day to remind people that as we become less active, our risk for heart disease, stroke and other diseases increases. About 80 percent […]

CDC Urges Life-Saving Treatment for Tickborne Diseases in Kids

Federal health authorities are urging doctors to rethink how they treat children for tickborne diseases like Rocky Mountain spotted fever (RMSF). Physicians have been relunctant to prescribe doxycycline – the most effect RMSF treatment – for young children because the drug’s warning label cautions that tooth staining may be a side effect for kids under […]

Health Officials Urge Measles Vaccinations

In response to a large, ongoing multi-state outbreak of measles, federal health authorities are urging doctors to make sure their patients are properly vaccinated. Since the beginning of the year, 141 people from 17 states and Washington D.C. have reported having measles, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Most of these cases – […]

Eating Whole Grains May Help You Live Longer

New research proves again that nutrition is a powerful way to improve your health. Simply choosing whole grain foods – rather than refined grains or red meat – may help add years to your lifespan. In fact, eating more whole grains may lower a person’s risk of death by as much as 15 percent, particularly […]

CDC Urges Flu Prevention and Early Treatment this Season

People who have a high risk for serious complications should seek medical treatment immediately if they suspect they have the flu, according to federal health officials. The recommendation comes on the heels of a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention which found that getting a flu vaccine this season reduces a person’s […]

Parkinson’s Patients Should Seek Exercise Early for Fall Prevention Benefits

Exercise may help people with Parkinson’s disease improve their balance, mobility and quality of life, even if it does not reduce their risk of falling, a new study suggests. Falling is a common problem for people with Parkinson’s. Sixty percent fall each year. Two-thirds of those fall repeatedly. “The resulting injuries, pain, limitations of activity and fear […]