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Share a Message of Good Hope

On April 11, we are placing the final beam atop the new Bon Secours Cancer Institute, currently in construction on the Bon Secours DePaul Medical Center campus in Norfolk.  Our team is dedicated to providing good help and hope to all of our patients, but we want you to help us give even more support and love. […]

The Gift of Health

Not sure what to give your loved ones this holiday season? How about a pledge to take care of your health? For many families, their biggest wish is to see someone they love take better care of themselves. Learn how to prevent heart attacks and stroke by becoming responsible for your health. To encourage Americans […]

Help Adolescents Avoid Alcohol

Worried about your teenager or college student abusing alcohol? Check out their Facebook page. That’s the advice from researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Washington, Seattle. They found that students who posted references to “being drunk” or “getting wasted” were more likely to be at risk for problem drinking. “Underage college […]

Stay Focused at Work

Limiting the number of times you check your e-mail, respond to text messages or log into Facebook will help your ability to focus. Distractions and interruptions can sabotage your train of thought, according to author Lucy Jo Palladino, a psychologist and attention expert.