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Avoiding Gluten Key to Treating Celiac Disease

Fatigue. Abdominal pain. Diarrhea. People who have celiac disease can experience a number of symptoms and complications when they eat foods that contain gluten – a protein found in wheat, rye and barley. “If you have celiac disease, it’s important to always read food labels carefully so you can avoid gluten,” said Dr. Brian Sullivan, […]

Are E-Cigarettes Safe and Healthy?

This blog was contributed by Dr. Armistead Williams, neurologist and director of Bon Secours DePaul Stroke Center. Many smokers are turning to e-cigarettes, thinking that they are a safer, healthier solution to their smoking addiction and easier way to quit smoking. Though e-cigarettes do eliminate tobacco, they may not be as safe as many users […]

Temporary Tattoos May Pose Health Risks

Federal health authorities are warning the public to be careful when it comes to temporary tattoos, particularly ones made with “black henna.” Although these types of tattoos are popular during spring break, many people have reported serious and long-lasting reactions such as: redness, blisters, weeping lesions, loss of pigmentation, increased sensitivity to sunlight and permanent […]

Federal Website Offers Safety Information for Herbs

Herbal means natural. And natural means safe, right? Not always. If you’re thinking about taking an herbal supplement or tea to manage a medical condition, be sure to consult your doctor. Certain herbs can affect medication you may be taking. Others have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Check out this federal […]

FDA Issues Warning Against Fraudulent Flu Products

Federal health officials warned the public this week that many scammers are taking advantage of flu season by selling fraudulent flu products that have not been tested nor approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Found online and in retail stores, these products may be marketed as dietary supplements, or conventional foods, drugs, nasal sprays […]

Omega-3 Supplement Improves Working Memory, New Study Finds

In the first study of its kind, researchers found that young adults can improve their working memory by increasing their Omega-3 fatty acid intake. “Before seeing this data, I would have said it was impossible to move young healthy individuals above their cognitive best,” said project investigator Bita Moghaddam, professor of neuroscience in a news […]

Colds: Choose Appropriate Drugstore Medications

The last thing you want to do when you have a cold or the flu is make yourself feel worse by taking the wrong or too much medication. Federal health officials urge consumers to choose over-the-counter medications that specifically target their symptoms. For example, if you have a runny nose, use a medication that alleviates […]

Feed Children Well-Balanced Diet, Doctors Urge

A recent investigation from Consumer Reports that found arsenic in many rice products may have many parents worried about serving their children these foods such as cereals and crackers. In response to the findings, the American Academy of Pediatrics issued a reminder to parents that children should be offered a variety of foods, including products […]

SimplyThick Risky for All Infants, FDA Warns

Food and Drug Administration officials are reminding the public to be aware that all infants may face a higher risk of developing a life-threatening condition if fed SimplyThick – a product that is supposed to help babies swallow their food and keep it down. More than 20 infants have developed necrotizing enterocolitis after being fed […]

Concerns About Heart Device Component

New research is raising questions about the safety of a heart device coating used in a component sold by St. Jude Medical. Dr. Robert Hauser of Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis has been following a number of cases reported to the Food and Drug Administration, in which a material used to coat wires in the […]