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Many Moms Introducing Solids Too Early, Study Finds

Although medical professionals recommend introducing solid foods to an infant no earlier than four to six months of age, many mothers choose to do so. Indeed, four out of 10 mothers gave their infants solid foods before their baby was four months old, according to a study published in the journal Pediatrics. The practice, which […]

SimplyThick Risky for All Infants, FDA Warns

Food and Drug Administration officials are reminding the public to be aware that all infants may face a higher risk of developing a life-threatening condition if fed SimplyThick – a product that is supposed to help babies swallow their food and keep it down. More than 20 infants have developed necrotizing enterocolitis after being fed […]

Vitamin D Supplements May Help Reduce Colds Among Some Kids

Children who have low blood levels of vitamin D may cut their risk of respiratory infections by taking a daily supplement, an international research team has found. In a report to be published in the journal Pediatrics, researchers say vitamin D plays a much larger role than growing strong bones; it also affects the immune […]