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Grieving During the Holidays: Coping Strategies Can Help

For someone who’s grieving the loss of a loved one, the holidays can be especially hard. The time we take as Americans to surround ourselves with family and friends to celebrate being grateful is a painful reminder that not everyone we love is able to sit with us at the Thanksgiving table. In fact, if […]

4 Strategies for Less Holiday Stress

Holiday stress impacts so many aspects of health, from increasing your blood pressure and raising your risk of a heart attack to worsening symptoms of depression. You can make your holidays brighter and more merry by trying out these four tactics to reduce stress. 1. Learn to say no. Invitations may fly at you from left […]

Keep Summer Holiday Stress Under Wraps

It’s the time of year for vacations, road trips and family quality time. On the outside you may be smiling and manning the grill, but on the inside you’re feeling anxious and overwhelmed. Banish stress from your summer vacations by staying active. Exercise gives you time to yourself, relaxes tense muscles, and produces feel-good hormones […]

5 Secrets to Avoiding the Holiday Stress Trap

Stress is as much a part of the holidays as family time, gift giving and parties. Thanksgiving may be behind us, but the holiday season is just beginning. So how can you make it through the upcoming weeks without succumbing to holiday worries, fears, and anxieties? Here are our top five tips for coping with […]

4 Secrets for Avoiding Seasonal Fatigue

As the temperature drops and the weather becomes a little bleaker, many individuals start suffering from fatigue. Whether it’s due to chronic fatigue or seasonal affective disorder (SAD), as many as 60% of Americans suffer from winter depression or SAD. Even if your fatigue or seasonal depression is mild, taking these four easy steps can […]

Three Easy Steps for Coping with Holiday Stress

This time of year is full of hustle and bustle.  Between the holiday parties, family gatherings and shopping, December is usually overrun with activity. As multi-taskers, we often take on way too much. This holiday season, let’s all remind ourselves not to over-extend and to keep already long lists as short and realistic as possible. […]