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Locally Grown: Fall for Nutrition in Hampton Roads

Move over summer produce. Hampton Roads is about to deliver a nutritional knockout this fall with fresh oysters and locally grown fruits and vegetables. It’s one of the perks that come with living in a state that boasts eight oyster regions and one of the most diverse agricultural productions nationwide. From apples and asian pears […]

Caring for Newborn, Improper Lifting Puts Parents at Risk for Back Pain

New parents expect sleepless nights, crying spells and lots of laundry when they bring their baby home from the hospital. They probably should add back pain to the list, too. Fortunately, these new parents, especially mothers, can prevent the back pain that often accompanies caring for a new baby by losing pregnancy weight, strengthening muscles […]

Water on the Knee Could Signal Lyme Disease

People who have spontaneous knee effusion – commonly referred to as “water on the knee” – may need to be tested for Lyme disease. Water on the knee can be a primary symptom of Lyme disease even if the person doesn’t have the typical bull’s eye rash – another Lyme disease symptom. If caught early, […]

Tips to Avoid Injuries from Wearing Heavy Backpacks

Parents and students shopping for a new school backpack this month may want to consider important safety tips to prevent back, neck and shoulder injuries. Backpacks, the preferred choice for students to carry all of their daily school necessities, help distribute the weight of the load among some of the body’s strongest muscles. However, if […]

Exercise, Fitness Level Can Predict Hypertension Risk, Study Finds

Need a little incentive to exercise more in 2015? A new study shows that being fit is a strong predictor for who develops hypertension and who does not. People with the highest fitness levels are less likely to develop hypertension, according to new research in the Journal of the American Heart Association. “If you’re exercising […]

Four Women’s Workout Myths Debunked

This blog was written by Aaron McKissick, MS, CSCS, PES, CES, USAW with Bon Secours In Motion Sports Performance. Lifting weights will make me look like a man.  First off, women only have 1/10th the amount of testosterone that men have. Testosterone is a hormone that helps build muscle. Because women have less testosterone, women […]

Health Checklist for Men in Hampton Roads

As part of Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, we are focusing on helping improve men’s health. This handy checklist can help you prevent and detect problems early, meaning a longer, healthier life. Even when you are young and feel healthy, there are things you can do to maintain your health later in life. In Your 20s […]

Weight-Lifting, Yoga Help Women Lower Type 2 Diabetes Risk

Aerobic exercise isn’t the only workout strategy a woman has for reducing her risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. According to a new study published in the journal PLOS Medicine, lifting weights, taking yoga and other muscle toning classes can also lower the risk. And, when combined with aerobic exercise, the risk of diabetes plummets. […]

Resolve to: Get Moving

This blog was contributed by Dr. Alexander Aboka of Virginia Orthopedic & Spine Specialists. Exercise doesn’t have to be expensive, time consuming or exhausting to meet your body’s fitness needs.  Your exercise routine should help keep your heart, bones and muscles strong as well as provide you with an enjoyable activity. To incorporate more exercise […]

Swim Your Way to Better Health

Swimming can benefit almost every aspect of your health, from your heart to your joints and muscles to your brain. Swimming provides low-impact exercise that stretches and builds muscles. Because you are nearly weightless in water, your joints don’t experience any jolts like during running. The stretching motion you make with each stroke can also […]