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New Food Labels Target Added Sugars, Accurate Serving Size

For those who read labels on packaged foods, some major changes are coming to make it easier for people to spot added sugars, control their portion sizes and count calories. In roughly two years, most packaged foods sold in the United States will have to use the new Nutrition Facts label, which was recently finalized […]

Nutritional Counseling Helps Patients Lose Weight, Stay Healthy After Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery not only helps people lose weight but it also improves or resolves other medical problems associated with obesity such as type 2 diabetes. To have the best success with weight loss surgery, it’s important for patients to pay careful attention to how and what they eat following their procedure. It takes a commitment […]

Swapping Meat for Vegetables Lowers Stroke, Heart Risks

Lowering the risk of dying from heart attack or stroke may be as simple as swapping some of the meat in your diet for vegetables. Researchers call it a “pro-vegetarian diet,” one that is based more on plant-based foods than animal-based foods. And it’s linked to lower risks of dying from heart disease and stroke, […]

Vitamin Supplements May Not Be the Best Choice for Good Health

If you’re thinking of adding vitamins and supplements to your health maintenance routine in the new year, you may be better off improving your diet instead. A recent panel of experts concluded that taking pills containing vitamins and minerals may not actually do much to improve your health. A group of experts known as the […]

Prevent Cancer Through Nutrition

We fight cancer every day when we exercise, wear sun screen and stay smoke-free. A healthy diet is another way many people can help prevent cancer. For people already diagnosed with cancer, eating nutritious foods also supports their treatment, according to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. “Whether you, a parent, or friend or a […]

Save Pumpkin Seeds for Nutritious Snack

After all the chocolate bars and sugar treats, pumpkin seeds are a welcome nutritious snack to help celebrate Halloween. Packed with protein, they also contain magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, iron, copper and zinc. You can make your own by saving them after carving pumpkins. Simply rinse off the pulp and let them dry overnight. Make sure […]

Prenatal Mercury Exposure Tied to ADHD Risk, Study Finds

A new study adds to the importance of pregnant women avoiding meals that contain fish known to have high levels of mercury. Researchers have published a study in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine that links low-level prenatal mercury exposure with a greater risk of ADHD-related behaviors, according to a news release from Brigham […]

Strawberries: Pick Your Way to Good Health

Now’s the time to head out to your favorite local strawberry farm and pick your own sweet berries. Packed with nutrition, these red beauties are great for breakfast, go well in a salad and make the perfect fresh dessert. According to the The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, strawberries contain cancer-fighting nutrients that can help […]

No Tricks for this Halloween Treat

Don’t forget to save the pumpkin seeds when you carve your pumpkins this year. They make a great nutritious snack. After you rinse off the pulp, let them dry overnight. Roast a single layer in the oven for 15 to 20 minutes at 165 °F. By roasting them at a lower temperature, the seeds retain […]

Vitamins: Too Much of a Good Thing

Vitamin deficiency can be life-threatening. Anemia. Weak bones. Poor skeletal development. These are all symptoms of vitamin and mineral deficiency. That’s why so many people begin their day with a multivitamin at breakfast. But just as problematic as not getting enough nutrients daily, is to take too many. Watch those energy bars, supplements and cereals […]