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Southern-style Diet Significantly Raises Heart Attack Risk

Fried chicken. Buttery Rolls. Sweet Tea. If this sounds like your regular dinner plans, you could be significantly raising your risk of having a heart attack. New research from the American Heart Association found that people who regularly ate traditional Southern fare such as fried foods, fatty foods, eggs, bacon, ham and sugary drinks, were at a […]

Smartphone Apps, Heart Rate Monitors and Wearable Sensors Can Encourage Healthy Behaviors

Although there’s limited evidence that using smartphone fitness apps and wearable sensors can reduce your risk for heart disease or stroke, health officials say these trendy devices can help people make healthier lifestyle choices. “The fact that mobile health technologies haven’t been fully studied doesn’t mean that they are not effective,” said Lora E. Burke, […]

Older Women Should Choose Carbs Wisely to Avoid Higher Depression Risk

White bread, white rice and soda do more than add weight to your waistline. A new study found that a diet high in refined carbohydrates can also increase the risk for older women to develop depression. Here’s the good news: by eating a healthier diet with more dietary fiber, whole grains and vegetables, the risk […]

Focus on Exercise, Healthy Eating to Avoid Middle-Age Weight Gain

It’s pretty common to gain extra pounds as you go through your 30s, 40s and 50s. While it’s harder to lose those pounds, it’s also important to try because carrying that extra weight could be harming your health, according to national health authorities. We can blame a few biological changes for middle-age weight gain. One […]

Alcohol’s Effect on the Brain Can Lead to Overeating

Fresh bread and butter. Pizza from the oven. Hot french fries. If you’ve ever wondered why it’s easy to overeat high-calorie foods such as these after drinking a glass of wine or beer, scientists have found that this phenomenon really is  – all in our heads. Eating more than usual after drinking alcohol has long been […]

Walk Away from Heart Disease, Stroke Risks

Officials from the American Heart Association are encouraging people nationwide to take at least 30 minutes out of their day to get up and walk. They’ve declared April 1 as National Walking Day to remind people that as we become less active, our risk for heart disease, stroke and other diseases increases. About 80 percent […]

Make Snacking a Way to Improve Your Health

When you reach for a snack, do you look for chips or chocolate? Or do you make an effort to eat something nutritious? Snacking doesn’t necessary have to be unhealthy, according to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. “If you choose carefully, and plan ahead, sensible snacks can be part of any healthful eating plan,” […]

Can Eating Blueberries Lower Blood Pressure?

Good news for blueberry lovers. Eating these antioxidant rich berries daily may help people significantly reduce both systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Among all fruits, blueberries are one of the richest sources of phenolic compounds, including flavonoids, phenolic acids, and stilbenes, which are known to have biological activity and high antioxidant capacity, according to the […]

Women with PTSD Face Greater Risk for Type 2 Diabetes

Women with post-traumatic stress disorder are nearly twice as likely to develop type 2 diabetes compared to women who don’t suffer from PTSD, a new study shows. In fact, the greater the number and severity of PTSD symptoms, the greater the risk. For women in the study who had the highest number of symptoms, nearly […]

Preventing Type 2 Diabetes One Dish at a Time

A healthy diet to prevent type 2 diabetes is especially helpful for minority women, a new study suggests. The findings are significant for Asian, Hispanic and black women because as minorities, they face a much higher risk for type 2 diabetes than white women, according to a news release from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. “As […]