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Strong Core, Proper Form Help Prevent Back Injuries

Summer is a popular time to take a family vacation, move to a new home and get caught up on backyard projects. Although no one adds “back injury” to their to-do list, these popular summer activities can lead to injuries. About 4 million people head to their health provider for a back injury during the […]

Robotic Arm Surgical Technology Helps Treat Patients with Osteoarthritis

Learn about MAKOplasty, a minimally invasive procedure for early to mid-stage osteoarthritis. Bon Secours Mary Immaculate Hospital invites you to attend an open house and demonstration on Tuesday, December 18, 2012, to learn about MAKOplasty®, a robotic-arm surgical technology. Less invasive than traditional total knee surgery, MAKOplasty® offers the precision of a highly advanced, surgeon-controlled […]

Exercise Safely with Arthritis to Control Joint Pain

While it seems counter-intuitive, exercising is one of the best things that you can do to help prevent arthritis from getting worse. By getting active, you help tone and build muscle strength, which in turn helps support joints – reducing pain and stiffness. Regular exercise also helps you reach and maintain a healthy weight, which […]

Don’t Ignore a Stiff and Painful Shoulder

Frozen shoulder is common condition that affects the shoulder, but is poorly understood, often misdiagnosed and routinely treated ineffectively.   It involves a gradual stiffening of the shoulder joint, with associated pain and significant limitations in range of motion affecting the ability to perform activities of daily living.  More often than not a minor injury or […]

Is Hip Arthroscopy the Answer to My Hip Pain?

Hip arthroscopy is a modern minimally invasive surgical technique that can be used to treat various conditions affecting the hip joint.  It has revolutionized our ability to diagnose and treat painful conditions of the hip that affect young active individuals and athletes. Often the pain results from an injury or overuse during athletic activity, and […]

Free Seminar: Degenerative Shoulder Problems

Degenerative Shoulder Problems Arthritis, RTC, and Degenerative SLAP tears Please join Alexander M. Aboka, MD, MPH, and Mary Catherine Whitley, DPT, for this FREE seminar on degenerative shoulder problems. Alexander M. Aboka, MD, MPH Specializing in sports medicine, arthroscopy, and shoulder and knee reconstructive surgery. Extensive experience providing sports medicine coverage for several high schools, […]

Shoulder Pain: When Should You See a Specialist?

Shoulder pain can be a disabling condition affecting individuals of all walks of life, and limiting their ability to perform many normal daily activities. In many instances it is caused by an injury or an overuse event that leads to localize tissue injury an inflammation.  Conservative treatment, including  rest, physical therapy and oral medication has […]

No Pain, Your Gain: Treating Shoulder, Neck and Back Pain

Learn how to eliminate pain and get back on the move. If you – or someone you know – has a nagging upper body pain, the Bon Secours Orthopaedic Institute is here to answer the call. Answering your questions about joints, bones, aches and pains. Our panel of experts will address your concerns about orthopaedic […]

Fitness Gain — With No Pain

Exercise can be good medicine. But overuse of any medicine can be harmful. “Training errors are the most common cause of overuse injuries,” said Dr. Michael R. Simpson of Amelia Medical Associates, a Bon Secours Medical Group Practice. “This is often the result of too rapid acceleration of the intensity, duration, or frequency of your […]

Quick Thanks from the Shamrock Marathon Team!

Thank you to Bon Secours Sports Medicine and all Bon Secours and community volunteers for providing exceptional medical care during this year’s 40th annual Yuengling Shamrock Marathon weekend in Virginia Beach. The race weekend saw more than 25,000 finishers. Special thanks also to Dr. Ernesto Luciano, medical director of Bon Secours Sports Medicine, who served […]