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7 Sleep Guidelines Every Expecting Parent Should Know

One of the most important things every parent should know is how to keep their baby safe while sleeping. Infants spend up to 16 hours sleeping every day. It’s critical for their growth and development. Whether you’re expecting your first child or your third, make sure your baby’s sleep habits and environment do not pose […]

Half of Infants Sleep in Soft Bedding, a Risk Factor for SIDS

About half of infants in the United States sleep in loose bedding with blankets and other soft objects that could pose a suffocation risk. A recent study of data collected from 1993 to 2010 found that although the use of blankets and bedding continues to decline, parents and caregivers are still putting infants to sleep […]

Healthy Lifestyle Helps Prevent Gestational Diabetes

Maintaining a healthy weight, eating healthy foods, exercising regularly and not smoking may help prevent women from developing gestational diabetes – a common pregnancy complication that carries long-term health implications for both mother and child. Indeed, a healthy lifestyle may prevent nearly half of all diabetic pregnancies, according to researchers who looked at data from […]

Single Parent Support Group Helps Parents Grow Stronger

Being a parent is something you wouldn’t change for the world — but doing it alone can sometimes drive you to the brink of exhaustion! Are you a single parent interested in participating in a group addressing such issues as time management, raising healthy children and taking care of yourself, as well as offering an […]

Prenatal Substance Abuse Still Worldwide Problem, Study Finds

Smoking. Drinking alcohol. Illegal drug use. Despite educational campaigns to discourage these behaviors, prenatal substance abuse continues to be a problem worldwide, according to a technical report from the American Academy of Pediatrics. “Early in pregnancy, fetal malformations may occur while, later in pregnancy, it is the developing fetal brain that is more vulnerable to injury,” […]

Child Bullying Prevention Workshop

Lend a hand in helping our children… This Child Bullying Prevention workshop is for parents and professionals working with or caring for children. Bullying is the intention to repeatedly harm someone over time. It occurs in a relationship where an imbalance of power exists. It includes unwelcome physical contact with the intent to harm, embarrass […]

Parenting Tip: Children Find Happiness Through Kindness

An interesting study of children reinforces what many adults already know: treating others with kindness makes you feel good. Indeed, it can actually lead to happiness, according to research published in the journal PLOS One. Researchers from University of California, Riverside, found that children between the ages of 9 and 12 who performed acts of […]

Talk, Don’t Walk, While on the Cell Phone

Many parents give their children cell phones because it offers convenience and a way to stay in touch. However, researchers from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, say parents need to tell their children not to use them when crossing streets. The researchers found that children ages 10 and 11 often become distracted by their […]

Health Officials Urge Parents to Stop Using Infant Sleep Positioners

The nation’s top health and safety officials are reminding parents and caregivers to stop putting infants in sleep positioners unless prescribed by a doctor. The warning comes after a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found 13 infant deaths associated with sleep positioner products from 1997 to 2011. Although infant sleep […]

Safety Guidelines for Pregnant Drivers

When you’re pregnant and driving a vehicle, keep these safety tips in mind to protect you and your baby. Authorities from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recommend pregnant women move the front seat back as far as possible when driving. Keep at least 10 inches between the center of the chest and the steering […]