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Prevent High Blood Pressure: Get It Checked

If you haven’t had your blood pressure checked by a doctor lately, you could be one of the millions of Americans who has hypertension, but is completely unaware of it. Unlike so many other serious health problems, high blood pressure – the “silent killer” – rarely causes any symptoms. That might explain why one out […]

CDC: Zika Virus Infection Can Cause Birth Defects

Federal health officials are urging women who are pregnant to avoid traveling to areas where Zika virus is actively spreading because increasing evidence shows it is a definite and direct cause of serious birth defects including microcephaly. Zika virus disease is spread primarily to people through the bite of an infected Aedes species mosquito. Pregnant […]

Safety Tips to Prevent Orthopaedic Injuries from Lawn Mowers

As spring weather encourages grass to grow, orthopaedic surgeons say parents need to keep a watchful eye on children who are often severely injured by lawn mowers. Despite warnings, operating instructions and safety tips, hundreds of children still need emergency care for injuries caused by lawn mowers every year. Many require amputations, according to the American […]

Fight Testicular Cancer by Knowing Signs, Risk Factors

Researchers haven’t figured out how to prevent testicular cancer, but they do know this: finding it early offers the best chance for successful treatment. Testicular cancer is the most common type of cancer among men between the ages of 15 and 35, according to the National Cancer Institute. In fact, half of all testicular cancers […]

FDA Proposes Barring Minors from Indoor Tanning to Reduce Skin Cancer Risk

Doctors nationwide are applauding new federal proposals to help reduce skin cancer by barring anyone under the age of 18 from using indoor tanning and requiring manufacturers and tanning salons to improve the safety of their devices. The Food and Drug Administration, which has not announced when its proposals would take effect, already requires tanning […]

One in 5 Youths Has Unhealthy Cholesterol, CDC Reports

Twenty percent of children in the United States who are over the age of 5 have unhealthy cholesterol levels, according to new federal health data. As a result, these children will likely be at greater risk for heart disease and stroke when they are adults, researchers wrote in a data brief by the federal Centers […]

Prevent Sprains, Fractures by Avoiding Distracted Walking

Much like texting while driving, using a cell phone to talk, text or listen to music while walking is causing a rising number of injuries – from scrapes and bruises to sprains and fractures. In fact, the number of emergency department hospital visits for injuries such as these more than doubled between 2004 and 2010, […]

Water on the Knee Could Signal Lyme Disease

People who have spontaneous knee effusion – commonly referred to as “water on the knee” – may need to be tested for Lyme disease. Water on the knee can be a primary symptom of Lyme disease even if the person doesn’t have the typical bull’s eye rash – another Lyme disease symptom. If caught early, […]

Most Americans’ Hearts Older Than Their Age

Is your heart older than you? Chances are, it is. A new federal health report shows that three out of four U.S. adults have a predicted heart age that is older than their chronological age – putting them at higher risk for heart attacks and stroke. Having high blood pressure or diabetes, smoking and carrying […]

New Rx to Prevent Colds: Sleep More Than 7 Hours Every Night

A new study adds another reason to make sure you get enough sleep at night: it may help you avoid catching a cold. Researchers found that people who sleep six hours a night or less are four times more likely to catch a cold when exposed to the virus, compared to those who get more than […]