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Caring for Newborn, Improper Lifting Puts Parents at Risk for Back Pain

New parents expect sleepless nights, crying spells and lots of laundry when they bring their baby home from the hospital. They probably should add back pain to the list, too. Fortunately, these new parents, especially mothers, can prevent the back pain that often accompanies caring for a new baby by losing pregnancy weight, strengthening muscles […]

Only 1 in 10 Adults Eating Enough Fruits and Vegetables, CDC Finds

If you’re like the majority of Americans, chances are your most recent meal contained very little fruit or vegetables. Although it’s widely taught that eating plenty of fruits and vegetables helps maintain a healthy weight and reduces the risk for heart disease, stroke and some cancers, roughly one in 10 American adults actually eats the recommended daily […]

Breastfeeding May Protect Babies from Childhood Leukemia

New moms can lower their babies’ risk of developing childhood leukemia by breastfeeding them, a new study suggests. Babies who are breastfed for at least six months appear to have a 19 percent lower risk of developing childhood leukemia – the most common childhood cancer, according to a review of multiple studies. Researchers from the […]

Walk Away from Heart Disease, Stroke Risks

Officials from the American Heart Association are encouraging people nationwide to take at least 30 minutes out of their day to get up and walk. They’ve declared April 1 as National Walking Day to remind people that as we become less active, our risk for heart disease, stroke and other diseases increases. About 80 percent […]

Weight Gain Around Waist May Increase Breast Cancer Risk

Women who want to minimize their chances of developing breast cancer may want to change their exercise and eating habits so they stay the same skirt size as they get older, a new study suggests. Researchers found that going up one skirt size every 10 years was associated with a 33 percent greater risk of developing […]

Exercise May Protect Older Women from Irregular Heartbeat

Older women who are obese or have a normal weight can reduce their risk of developing a life-threatening irregular heartbeat by doing more physical activity, a new study finds. The findings contradict previous research which suggested that strenuous exercise might raise the risk of atrial fibrillation, according to a news release from the American Heart […]

Many People Underestimate Sodium Intake, Survey Finds

Many Americans never pick up the salt shaker because they know too much sodium can increase their risk for high blood pressure, stroke and heart disease. Yet, they still eat too much and most have no idea how much they’re actually eating, according to new research from the American Heart Association. In a survey of […]

Young Women Seeking a Tan At Risk for Melanoma

Melanoma – the deadliest form of skin cancer – is the most common cancer in women between the ages of 25 and 29. In an effort to highlight the dangers of tanning, the American Academy of Dermatology has launched an awareness campaign with public service announcements, which advises young women that tanning doesn’t make a person […]

Add More Fruits and Vegetables for Stroke Prevention

Reducing your risk of stroke may be as simple as reaching more often for fruits and vegetables. A new analysis of 20 studies conducted in Europe, Asia and the United States found that people lowered their stroke risk by 32 percent for every 200 grams of fruit they ate daily. The risk dropped by 11 […]

Exercise Cuts Risk of Breast Cancer

It doesn’t matter how old a woman is, how much she weighs or where she lives – exercising regularly can reduce the risk of developing breast cancer. The more active a woman is, the better her chances are to avoid breast cancer, according to an analysis of multiple studies that involved more than 4 million […]