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Physical Therapy Helps Many Reach Better Health

Physical therapy helps thousands of people every year recover from surgery. It also helps many avoid surgery in the first place. Indeed, physical therapy offers several health benefits. A diverse health care practice, physical therapy prevents pain and injuries while promoting health and mobility. Physical therapy programs also help people who have concussions, sports injuries, […]

Is Age a Factor in Rotator Cuff Disease?

Age dependent increase in the incidence of rotator cuff disease has been long established and accepted by the medical community. There are a common set of rotator cuff injuries and disease that we see with patients of different ages. The spectrum of disease typically starts in patients 25 and younger when changes in the tendon […]

Solutions for Shoulder Pain

Join Dr. Jon Swenson as he discusses new advances in treating shoulder pain, including treatment for impingement syndrome and rotator cuff tears. Refreshments will be served, but seating is limited so registration is required to attend. date: May 11th 2011,  5:00 PM cost: Free! location: Mary Immaculate Hospital Health Resource Center 1 Bernardine Drive Newport […]