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Stress, Depression May Be Deadly for Heart Patients

Reducing your stress and taking care of your mental health is important for everyone – especially heart patients. A new study found that high stress and deep depression can raise the risk of death or heart attack for heart patients by 48 percent. The study was published in Circulation, an American Heart Association journal. Researchers […]

Fighting the Winter Blues

There’s no doubt about it: The days are getting shorter and colder. For those of us that live away from the Equator, the winter season is here. This time of year can be stressful for many reasons — inclement weather and cold mornings can make your daily commute unpleasant, holiday parties and shopping can leave […]

Be Well Aware of Depression Heading Into Winter

If you feel sad, anxious and empty, with no energy for the things you once enjoyed, you are not alone. Depression affects nearly 10 percent of all Americans each year. The good news is most people can return to a satisfying life. However, seeking help is key. Depression isn’t a passing mood. It is not […]

4 Secrets for Avoiding Seasonal Fatigue

As the temperature drops and the weather becomes a little bleaker, many individuals start suffering from fatigue. Whether it’s due to chronic fatigue or seasonal affective disorder (SAD), as many as 60% of Americans suffer from winter depression or SAD. Even if your fatigue or seasonal depression is mild, taking these four easy steps can […]

Help Teens Sleep to Avoid Risky Behaviors

Worried about your teen? Try making sure they sleep eight hours every night. A national survey found that adolescents who sleep less than the recommended number of hours were more likely to engage in risky behavior from using alcohol or drugs and having sex to not exercising, feeling sad or seriously thinking about suicide, according […]

Communication Gives Cancer Patients Control

Facing a cancer diagnosis can evoke feelings of helplessness during a traumatic time. How a person chooses to talk about it – or not talk about it – can help give them a sense of control, according to researchers at The University of Texas at Austin. In interviews with cancer survivors, researchers set out to […]