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Tips to Avoid Injuries from Wearing Heavy Backpacks

Parents and students shopping for a new school backpack this month may want to consider important safety tips to prevent back, neck and shoulder injuries. Backpacks, the preferred choice for students to carry all of their daily school necessities, help distribute the weight of the load among some of the body’s strongest muscles. However, if […]

Prevent Tick Bites, Lyme Disease

Nearly 95 percent of Lyme disease cases in 2012 occurred in 13 states. Virginia was one of them. The good news is that Lyme disease can be treated successfully with antibiotics if patients seek medical care in the early stages, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. As many of us in South […]

Lower Risk for Colon Cancer Through Diet, Exercise

Counting calories and exercising regularly is a strategy to lower the risk for colon cancer, the second leading cause of cancer-related death in the United States. New research shows that obesity, rather than diet, causes changes in the colon that may lead to colorectal cancer, according to a news release from the National Institutes of […]

Mediterranean-Style Diet Benefits Young, Too

Fish. Nuts. Vegetables and fruits. Already renowned for lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease among older people, the Mediterranean diet appears to help young, working adults as well. Researchers from Harvard School of Public Health found that the diet helped a large group of Midwestern firefighters lower their risk factors for cardiovascular disease. U.S. firefighters […]

Stroke Risk Factors, Treatment Different for Women, Guidelines Suggest

For the first time, medical guidelines have been specifically tailored to help stroke prevention among women. “If you are a woman, you share many of the same risk factors for stroke with men, but your risk is also influenced by hormones, reproductive health, pregnancy, childbirth and other sex-related factors,” said Dr. Cheryl Bushnell, author of […]

Prevent and Treat Anemia Through Diet, Supplements

Dizziness. Exhaustion. Shortness of breath. These are just some of the symptoms people may feel if they have anemia – a common blood disorder that many develop at some point of their life. Anemia occurs when the body has an insufficient number of healthy red blood cells. These cells are vital for delivering oxygen throughout […]

FDA Issues Warning Against Fraudulent Flu Products

Federal health officials warned the public this week that many scammers are taking advantage of flu season by selling fraudulent flu products that have not been tested nor approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Found online and in retail stores, these products may be marketed as dietary supplements, or conventional foods, drugs, nasal sprays […]

Colds: Choose Appropriate Drugstore Medications

The last thing you want to do when you have a cold or the flu is make yourself feel worse by taking the wrong or too much medication. Federal health officials urge consumers to choose over-the-counter medications that specifically target their symptoms. For example, if you have a runny nose, use a medication that alleviates […]

Officials Warn Public About Dietary Supplements

Federal health officials say many diet and immune system supplements are not properly labeled and make unproven health claims. In a recent investigation, officials from the Office of Inspector General found that 20 percent of 127 supplements claiming to help weight loss and strengthen the immune system had illegal labeling by purporting to treat, prevent […]

Treating Teen Depression Can Thwart Drug Abuse

Treating adolescents for major depression can lower their risk for abusing drugs later in life, according to researchers from Duke University. “It turned out that whatever they responded to – cognitive behavioral therapy, Prozac, both treatments, or a placebo – if they did respond within 12 weeks, they were less likely to develop a drug-use […]